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Making Memories with Camp Shalom! – Week 6

Camp Shalom really had “ruach” this week as campers and counselors alike got into the spirit and dressed up for each of our fun themed spirit days!  We also got into the spirit of helping others and helping our planet at Camp Shalom this week.  During Master Chef, Jr., campers filled jars with vegetable soup ingredients, which are going to be donated to JFCS clients in need along with colorfully decorated Jewish New Year cards.  These are sure to lift the spirits of the folks who receive these thoughtful gifts.  At Fishing, we had a special visitor who taught us the importance of cleaning up trash, not only at camp, but all over, and showed campers through an interactive model, how leaving trash on the ground can pollute our planet’s water, like our beautiful camp lake!  At Usable Arts, campers made beautiful seashell wind chimes,  Spirit week ended with some fantastic performances by our very own talented campers at our annual Camp Shalom’s Got Talent talent show.


Lisa Bellagamba

Camp Shalom Director


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