JCC Camps at Medford
When you're a kid, every summer matters.

Challah Sales

challah slicedWe are excited to announce that we will be doing a Challah Fundraiser for the JCC Camps at Medford this summer! Money raised will go to support our camp scholarship program.
You can pre-order (all kosher) plain, water challah, or gluten-free challah for $5 each.
Please Note: Some of these foods contain egg and are processed on shared equipment with nut ingredients.

It’s so easy to participate! Fill out the form with what type of Challah you would like each week. Return the form by mail or with your camper- make checks payable to Katz Jewish Community Center. Challah will be delivered to your child’s bunk on the Fridays you choose! Don’t forget- grandparents, aunts, and uncles all love fresh challah, too!


This fundraiser is an ongoing event throughout the summer. You may sign up anytime, but to receive a challah the same week you sign up, we need form and payment no later than Monday of that week.