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Chaverim – Week 4 (LAKE GEORGE)

Chaverim had a fantastic time in Lake George this week! Not only was the weather beautiful, but the views were, as well. We got to see just how spectacular they were atop the 90 meter ski lift in Lake Placid. In Lake Placid we also got to see where the 1980 Miracle on Ice happened and even enjoy their downtown area.


We have also traveled to the Fun Spot which had everything we could imagine we wanted. From roller skating, arcade games, laser tag, mini golf and go karts we were able to do so much! Obviously an epic race between campers and counselors occurred…..although no consensus from the group about official winners. Even though we have those things at home, it is always more fun to play when you are away.  And what Chaverim Trip would be complete without a stop at the nearest Six Flags?! This one had a great balance of water rides and roller coasters that kept us spinning all day.


Possibly the best evening we had was the dinner cruise. There is something so magical about being out on the water when the sun sets, and even more magical when you are with great friends.


Last, on our way home we got to stop at the Baseball Hall of Fame. It is always cool to see and learn about some of the baseball greats. We even found a few Phillies players in there.


Some highlights of our week have been seeing all the fun and crazy personalities on our trip. From telling the waitress our name is Wonder Woman, to epic Pokemon catching, to many messy ice cream eaters, it has been an unforgettable experience. Finally, we can’t forget about our outside pool party and the surprise color war! We won’t know the winner just yet so stay tuned to find out. In the spirit of the 2016 Summer Olympics our teams are Red Canada, Green Jamaica, Yellow Brazil, and Blue Israel (of course 🙂 ).


Stay tuned to find out our Color War Winners, and thanks for following along while we are on the move.




Ally Hampton

Chaverim Director