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Hilltop – Week 6

Hilltop Happenings

Spirit was flying high in Camp Hilltop this week! It was awesome to see campers and staff dressed as movie characters, supporting their favorite teams, decked in neon, and in the style of bygone decades! So many items were brought in to help those in need; thank you so much for your donations! On Monday, the band 3Union rocked out and we had a blast with them. Our Geza/Elon and Anaf/Bayit skating party on Tuesday night was a huge success. Because ruach in Hebrew means both “spirit” and “wind”, many of this week’s projects involved air: Little Chefs popped amazing popcorn balls, Arts and Crafts created colorful pinwheels, and Usable Arts made sparkly wind chimes. In Dance, the campers continued to work on coordination and musicality and had a lot of fun doing dances that went along with each day’s theme. In Music, the kids sang and laughed with their shaky eggs and played some new musical games including follow the leader. In the spirit of environmental awareness, in Nature this week, they read Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax and had fun making furry mustaches so they could look like the main character!
For Shabbat, we were thrilled to welcome Rabbi Frenkel and Ms. Guinane from Congregation Mkor Shalom as our special guests. We can hardly believe that next week is already Week 7! Hope to see you at the Camp Hilltop Show, “Somewhere Over Camp Hilltop” on Monday night at 7pm at the Katz JCC.

Hope Segal
Camp Hilltop Director
609 654-5192 x110