JCC Camps at Medford
When you're a kid, every summer matters.


Week #2 was another wonderful week for our campers in Camp Shalom!  In Ceramics, campers helped bring lots of smiles into our our “camp home” by molding a variety of different faces out of clay to hang on our trees here at camp.  These smiling faces should hopefully bring smiles to everyone’s faces as they walk through camp.  Best of all, because the clay comes from the Earth, these faces will ultimately be reclaimed by the earth when they are done brightening our days here at camp. At Nature, campers went on a hike and learned about the indigenous turtles in our lake!  And in Arts & Crafts, campers reflected about what they were thankful for in their own homes and created little replicas of their houses!  We look forward to a fun night at our Masada/Dimona Late Stay next week, so if you haven’t yet filled out your child’s permission slip, please remember to go online to your Camp In Touch Portal on the JCC Camps at Medford website and fill out the Late Stay Permission Form.


Also, starting next week we will begin collecting empty plastic WATER bottles to reuse in some of our future camp projects.  So please feel free to send in your empty water bottles (with caps please).  Thanks!


Lisa Bellagamba

Camp Shalom Director