Camp Hilltop (ages 3-6)

Camp Hilltop (ages 3-6)

JCC Camps at Medford is a perfect fit for your campers entering nursery school through 1st grade. Our variety of age appropriate camp activities ensure a summer of creativity, skill-building, friendship and most importantly, fun for every child! Our adult age specialists plan supervised activities with a focus on development of gross and fine motor skills and social growth.

The JCC Camps at Medford’s Camp Hilltop program is a 5 day, full day experience. Campers are grouped by grade and divided into bunks with a 4:1 camper to staff ratio. Each of our age groups are supervised by an adult division head.


At JCC Camps at Medford, we pride ourselves on scheduling age appropriate activities for each age group. Our dedicated sports staff modifies traditional activities so campers at every age can experience success and focus on building skills, drills, gross motor development and most importantly – FUN! Athletic activities include: Karate, Soccer, Basketball, Kickball, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Mini-Golf, Backyard Games, Bike Track, Gaga, Hockey, Tennis and Tee Ball.

Creative & Performing Arts

We love watching our JCC Camps at Medford campers shine on stage and express their creativity through beautiful works of art. Our creative and performing arts programs focus on fine motor skills development, building confidence, and developing a love for the arts. Creative and Performing Arts activities include: Arts & Crafts, Usable Arts (useful art projects), Music, Little Chefs, Dance and Theater (5 & 6 year olds perform in the camp show).

Outdoor Adventure & STEM

Budding little explorers and scientists will love our variety of Outdoor Adventure and STEM activities at JCC Camps at Medford. Campers will expand their learning and analytical skills through hands-on science activities, Lego building, and exploring our Nature Center. Campers’ confidence will grow as they accomplish new challenges through team building activities in our Low Ropes Course in the beautiful wooded atmosphere of our campsite. Outdoor Adventure and STEM activities include: Nature, Petting Zoo, Fishing, Little Science, Little Builders and Low Ropes Course.

Water Activities

Keeping cool throughout the day is important at JCC Camps at Medford. Campers will learn water safety and aquatics skills from our American Red Cross certified instructors. There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than playing in our Splash Park and taking a ride down our unique Sledding Slope! At our 4 acre lakefront, campers will have the opportunity to learn boating skills, play on our beautiful sand beach, and get their feet wet in the lake. Water activities include: Boating, Swimming, Sledding, Splash Park and Water Games.

Social Development

The most important part of a summer at JCC Camps at Medford is building meaningful and lasting friendships! Our trained camp counselors create an environment where campers grow their confidence and independence while helping them navigate social development. While traveling between activities, camp bunks can be seen singing songs, creating cheers, and racing their way through their summer home! This camaraderie fostered in a caring environment provides children with vital emotional and social skills that will help them succeed through the rest of their lives.