JCC Camps at Medford
When you're a kid, every summer matters.

Chaverim – Week 7

Chaverim is on the move!

Wow, week 7 already?!?! Where do we begin? Chaverim has had so many fun adventures this summer. Adding to it this week, we got to enjoy Monday down the shore before it got super hot. Tuesday, we travelled back to Medieval Times where we cheered on the red and yellow knight, ate with our hands and saw awesome entertainment. Ou
r knight didn’t win but we enjoyed watching the spectacle of it all. Wednesday we got to kick it 90’s style with a game show at Powerhouse Studios that would remind any good 90’s kid (okay… counselors) of Double Dare on Nickelodeon. We had so much fun enjoying some healthy competition and working together. The biggest excitement of the week was leading up to surprise day. Not a day went by where I wasn’t begged or bribed to spill the beans. We really loved being able to explore Philly and tour beautiful Magic Gardens and share a delicious meal at the Hard Rock café. We can’t wait for our trip to New England next week! It is sure to be an excellent way to end the summer and make some unforgettable memories. Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for our final and biggest adventure of the summer.


Ally Hampton

Chaverim Director