2018 – Gesher – Week 6

Gesher LIT’s Get Going!

The LITs had a great and spirited Ruach Week at camp!

Each day this week, the LITs were amazing at collecting all of the donations and counting every last penny at the bus yard. We were all very appreciative of their hard work and spirit!

On Tuesday, the LITs met for a Leadership Training focused on inclusion. The LITs participated in an activity that made them think about the words they use in conversation and how they affect those around them  They all took to heart what was discussed and agree to think more about how the words they use.

Wednesday, we traveled to North Jersey to cheer on our Knight at Medieval Times.  Our Red and Yellow Knight put on a valiant effort and the LITs enjoyed a festive meal as we watched. The LITs were happy to stop for a quick trip to the mall on our way home.

On Thursday and Friday, our Social Justice Corps (SJC) groups began to present their activities.  We learned about literacy and made boxes for books to be shared at camp.  Another group taught us how every day activities affect children differently, and we designed social stories to help some campers with daily activities.  The LITs also participated in activities to better understand the life of wounded soldiers and hear about the Wounded Warriors project.

Next week, the LITs will be holding the last two SJC presentations and traveling to Great Adventure on Wednesday.



Barrie Glasberg Mittica

Gesher Director


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