Camp Hilltop Week 1

Camp Hilltop started summer off in a sweet way!
Camp Hilltop was radiating energy in Week 1! This week, the campers had a blast learning lessons about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. We talked about new beginnings, and how to start off the summer in a sweet way. Our Hilltop specialists celebrated this special holiday by doing some really awesome activities.
In Arts & Crafts, our campers used real apples to paint their apple creations on a potholder to take home to their parents. Ari and Emma explained that we eat apples and honey to represent a sweet new year, and they will use their apple and honey pot holder to assist their parents to make challah. They also talked about how to make hexagons because honeycombs are filled with hexagons. Our Little Chefs were using apples to create the most delicious apple cake. The Dance pavilion was the place to be this week!  Allison and Lilah used high energy music to inspire a week-long dance party. They practiced different dance routines and even used some scarves as props in their dance number. At Usable Arts, Stephanie and Sierra taught the campers how to modge podge their party horns with tissue paper to turn into beautiful shofars that represent the holiday. That energy also flowed throughout Little Scientists. This week Morgan and Mia showed our campers how bees pollinate flowers and how vital they are to creating the honey we use to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. The fun didn’t stop there. The campers kept up the fun at Nature, Campers Take the Stage, and at all the Camp Hilltop sports.
  • Wednesday 7/10 – Shoresh Visitation
  • Thursday 7/11 – Geza/Elon Visitation
  • Tuesday 7/16 – Anaf/Bayit Visitation
  • Wednesday 7/17 – Carnival Day 
Dina Wolf
Camp Hilltop Director