Camp Aaron is having a blast!

Although Week 2 was a short week, there are lots of exciting things going on in Camp Aaron. At the pool, all campers have been placed in swim groups and received their colored swim caps. During free swim the campers are enjoying both the diving board and water slide! On a side note there has been a ton of bathing suits, shirts and towels left at the pool and in the changing area, it would be helpful if clothes were labeled so we can return these items to the campers.

This week was filled with fun activities. In Top Chef the campers made challah french toast with berries. It smelled so good outside of the Top Chef kitchen and all around the arts pavilion. In wheel ceramics, campers are learning techniques and strategies to properly use the wheel. In Drawing, the project this week was this really cool picture called a “Resilient Sandwich” that had the campers draw things into a sandwich that makes them resilient. In Acting, campers are having so much fun playing in different acting games and in Archery, many campers are getting close to that bullseye! It was really great to walk around and see so many campers enjoying themselves in their activities.

Fine Arts and Performing Arts campers are looking forward to their late stay on Thursday, July 15. Lots of great activities are planned! If you have not already done so, please fill out the permission form in your Camp InTouch portal.

Have a great weekend!

Larry Helfman
Camp Aaron Director
609 654-5192 x112