Camp Aaron Week 2 – 2018

By JCC Camps at Medford

Camp Aaron is having a blast!


Although Week 2 was a short week, there are lots of things going on in Camp Aaron!


Competitive sports teams have been chosen and the campers have been battling it out on our sports fields.  Teams rotate each day playing a different team and a different sport. We will have playoffs and crown a champion of each league towards the end of the camp season. At the pool, all campers have been placed in swim groups and received their colored swim caps. During free swim the campers are enjoying both the diving board and water slide!  On a side note there have been a ton of bathing suits, shirts and towels left at the pool and in the changing area, it would be helpful if clothes were labeled so we can return these items to the campers.


Gilad campers are eagerly making plans for their overnight on Thursday, July 12. Lots of great activities are planned, including an extra swim, a guest performer, and much more!  It’s a great opportunity for our youngest Camp Aaron campers to take part in this special Camp Aaron rite of passage. If you have not already done so, please fill out the permission form online in your Camp In Touch portal.


Campers continue to request changes to their schedule.  To implement a change campers need to see their Division Heads for an Activity Change Form.  Once completed at home, forms can be returned to camp and changes will be made based on availability.


Have a great weekend!



Larry Helfman

Camp Aaron Director

609 654-5192 x112