Camp Hilltop – Week 3 – 2018

By JCC Camps at Medford

Hilltop Happenings

 Camp Hilltop is all about High Tech and High Energy!

Camp Hilltop was filled with energy this week!  Week 3 was abuzz with the city of Tel Aviv and its high tech ways.  Tel Aviv is the epicenter of technology and innovation in Israel.  It is also known for its beautiful beaches, unique smells, sights, and music.  Our Hilltop specialists celebrated this wonderful city by doing some really awesome activities.

In Arts & Crafts, our campers used CD’s to create beautiful mosaic’s that look like disco balls representing both the high-tech and unique nightlife of Tel Aviv.  Our Little Chefs were recreating the beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv by using pudding, crushed-up graham crackers, and blue whipped cream.  The Dance Pavilion was the place to be this week!   Rachael and Cara used high energy music to inspire a week-long Tel Aviv dance party.  The energy also flowed throughout Little Scientists.  This week Michael and Brooke showed our campers how energy flows through circuits.  Our campers created a human circuit by holding hands and making a light glow.  They were blown away by how energy flows and transfers through our bodies!  The fun didn’t stop there.  The campers kept their energy high at Nature, Campers Take the Stage, Usable Arts, and all the Camp Hilltop sports.


-Tuesday 7/16 – Anaf/Bayit Visitation- Do not forget to fill out the form in your Camp In Touch portal!

-Wednesday 7/18 – Wacky Hair Wednesday

-Thursday 7/19 – Carnival Day!!!!



Dina Wolf

Camp Hilltop Director

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