Camp L’Dor V’dor

By JCC Camps at Medford

Why did I choose the JCC Camps at Medford for my family? Because there really is no other choice! I grew up at JCC Camps. My mom, brother and I started together in 1993- I was a D-8 doughnut, my brother in Jerusalem, and my mom a division head. In 1994, my mom, Bonni Rubin-Sugarman, helped to launch the OH/OD program and JCC became our second home during the summer. I was a staff brat through and through for many years, and my AM/PM Care consisted of Brian Adler teaching me how to drive a golf cart. I continued at JCC for 10 summers and ended as a Senior Counselor before I went off to college. It was home and these people were my family.

Fast forward to Summer of 2019, and it was time for my older daughter, Reese, to join the ranks of JCC Camps at Medford campers. She was in Elon and loved every minute of it- from the bus ride to swim, gaga, sledding, and everything in between. She came home everyday with so many stories and so much excitement. Since then, my younger daughter, Quinn, has not stopped talking about her chance to go, which will be this coming summer. There’s no other place I would send my kids- the activities, the love, the community- all resonates strong through every acre.

I still remember my bunk song from when I was in Jerusalem in its entirety and have extremely strong friendships with my camp friends almost 20 years later- if that doesn’t say something about this place, I don’t know what does.