Camp Shalom Week 4

By JCC Camps at Medford

Creating a Camp Family with Camp Shalom!


Camp Shalom had a fantastic Week 4!  We can’t believe that we have reached the halfway point of the 2018 camp season!


Our weekly camp theme is the Negev Desert and agriculture.  Did you know that Israel is more than 50% desert?  The Negev Desert, located in southern Israel, is a must-visit area!  Desert agriculture in Israel is one of the country’s greatest successes, and something at which Israel leads the world.


In Usable Art, campers created prints using fruit and vegetable stamps.  Campers at Games played Sprout Ball while also learning about how crops sprout in the desert.  At Music, campers learned songs and played vocal games.  At Arts & Crafts, campers created their own paint brushes using leaves and twigs found around camp.  At Nature, campers enjoyed interacting with the animals and exploring the hiking trails around camp.  Campers had a great time in the sports fields, especially when water fun was added on hot days!


On Thursday, Camp Shalom enjoyed Carnival Day – an annual favorite!  We played carnival games and had a blast with inflatables in the pool!


Next week, we are looking forward to Israel Day on Thursday!  Our shlichot (Israeli emissaries) are planning a fun, special day to share about Israel with us.  We can’t wait for Week 5!


Save the dates:

Haifa & Eilat Late Stay – July 25

Masada & Dimona Late Stay – August 1

Camp Shalom Show – August 8



Lisa Bellagamba

Camp Shalom Director

609 654-5192 x111