Chaverim is on the move! Week 8 2021

Chaverim is on the move!

Really? It’s already over? It was the best of summers, it was the craziest of summers. So many of the usual Chaverim standbys had to change. Before the summer started, I was worried that we would have to take a school bus for our long trips. It turns out we never took a school bus!!! Turns out we got very used to the AC, outlets and movies on the coach buses. Week 8 ended with a few favorites and some new things sprinkled in. We started the week at Hurricane Harbor where we slid down water slides and splashed around. On Tuesday, it was a showdown at Fireball Mountain!! It was very fun to play a little capture the flag with laser tag guns! On Wednesday, we traveled to Six Flags America in Maryland and did both the water park and the amusements. On Thursday, we hit the Ocean City beach and boardwalk for the last time in the summer of 2021. Our 39th trip was a calming one at Yay Clay in Philadelphia where we worked on some wheel ceramics and created a masterpiece (at least my mom said mine was a masterpiece)! See you all in 2022!

Mike Noble
Chaverim Director