Chaverim Week 3 2019

Chaverim is on the move!

Week 3, and much like the hungry, hungry caterpillar in the story, Chaverim grew and grew. We started the week at Fireball Mountain where we competed in laser tag and played bus 1 versus bus 2. The highlight of the trip was getting to eat our lunch in a shipping container. On Tuesday, we changed our plans a little bit. Instead of spending the day on the beach at Wildwood, we had to spend the day on the beach of Ocean City. We still had a great day! On Wednesday and Thursday, we took off for a little Getaway in Connecticut. It was Club Getaway and we ran around, ate lots at the buffet and got to swing on the trapeze during the day. At night we got to sleep in cabins and we had some crazy evening activities. How should a camp night end? With a campfire of course!!! On Friday, we had a chill out day at the Spruce Street Harbor Park in Philly. We relaxed on hammocks and dreamt about the adventures we would have next week in Toronto.
Mike Noble
Chaverim Director