Chaverim – Week 6 – 2019

Chaverim is on the move!

I have learned so much this summer in Chaverim. I learned that if you never want to miss when someone high fives you, just look at their elbow, and you will never miss. I also learned that if you see 3-12 Chaverim campers behind something with a ledge and their arms are moving, they are making a Tik Tok video. This week, I learned that if you take a screamer boat on the Atlantic Ocean you are definitely going to hear screaming, AND you may also see dolphins! On Tuesday, the campers learned some circus skills at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. Wednesday was a chance for us to visit the sweetest place on Earth as we descended upon Hershey Park. We ate chocolate, rode 14 roller coasters and spent the night at the Harrisburg JCC. The next morning we had a picnic breakfast and went to Roundtop Resorts. We slid down a mountain in an OGO ball and had so much in the mountains. On Friday, we made it back to Medford and made a group wide Tik Tok as well as a service project. What a week of learning!!!

Mike Noble
Chaverim Director