Chaverim – Week 7, 2019

By JCC Camps at Medford

Chaverim is on the move!

Week 7 has flown by… hold on is it really already Week 7!?! This whole summer has flown by. It seems like only yesterday we all met at the Family Activity Center of the JCC and now everyone is a Chaverim Veteran. This week started with a brand new activity called Knockerball. There is nothing better than getting in a huge bubble and bouncing off your campmates for a few hours. Besides the Knockerball, we also played Hungry Hungry Humans, Soccer Billiards and Human Foosball. It was a great day. On Tuesday, we hit Ocean City and cruised the boardwalk and jumped the waves in the ocean. The weather tried to make us change our plans, but we are Chaverim and “nothing gonna break our stride, nobody gonna slow us down, oh no!” On Wednesday, we rode a coach bus and headed to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom for some roller coasters and water slides. On Thursday, we had a blast competing in a Limousine Scavenger Hunt around the area. That’s right, we had 5 limos pick us up and we drove around trying to collect all the items. It was a truly memorable experience! Our week ended at South Bowl, as we bowled and laughed with all of our Chaverim friends.

Mike Noble
Chaverim Director