Coolanu Week 1 2017

Coolanu is SUPER COOL!

Week 1 is off to an incredible start!  With each day we are having more fun!  Some highlights of our week were going out on paddle boats, Usable Arts with Becki, and singing “Fight Song” with Miss Jill.  Our trip to Johnson’s Farm helped us practice many different functional skills like using our cognitive skills to differentiate ripened blueberries from unripened blueberries, gross motor skills by pulling radishes up from the ground, and counting money to order ice cream. All of this happened without our campers knowing they were “working.”  We have also started attending to our jobs around camp. You will see us doing laundry in the nurses office, as well as, sorting and organizing the lost and found among other tasks around camp.



Meredith Levin

Coolanu Coordinator

609 654-5192 x137