Coolanu Week 5

Coolanu is SUPER COOL!

Week Five was quite the week for Coolanu!   Our trip on Wednesday was incredible!  We had a great time at Home Depot where we learned about tool safety.  We used hammers to create wooden projects while staying safe using our tools.  We had the opportunity to sit in forklifts and view how high they could lift objects.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch out where we ordered and paid ourselves.  We became photographers when we visited Digi-photo on Tuesday.  Some other things we visited this week were Dance, Hockey, and Gaga.  Our Coolanu crew has also been doing an amazing job of collecting Lost and Found items and getting them back to their owners!  We loved, loved, loved the lake and pool inflatables.  Every week keeps getting cooler and cooler for Coolanu!



Chrissy Paolini

Coolanu Coordinator

609 654-5192 x137