GESHER LIT’s GET GOING! week 8 2021

We are shocked and amazed that we finished Week 8 already! How did the summer go by so fast? It seems like yesterday that our LITs were experiencing their first Gesher Day, going on their first field trip and meeting their bunks. We cannot begin to express our pride in all of the LIT accomplishments this summer; they have been working hard and truly embodied what it meant to be “heroes” this summer as they played a vital role in making this the best summer ever for the kids in their bunks.

In addition to their enthusiastic participation in our 2021 Maccabiah Color War, this week has been focused on celebrating our LITs and all that they have achieved this summer. We have had days full of fun camp activities such as GaGa, Ropes, Swimming and more; we have also had many powerful leadership trainings and workshops on topics such as mental health awareness, justice and diversity, as well tzedakah.

We really enjoyed seeing all the amazing LIT spirit during color war as they spent the majority of the week with their bunks and specialty areas. On Friday, we spent half of the day together to wrap up the year with goodies and fun games with friends.

Thank you to all LITs and your families for a fantastic summer!

John Imhof and Sara Viniar
Gesher Directors
609 654-5192 x109