Gesher LIT’s get going!


This week was a busy one for our LITs full of games, swimming and leadership training. We learned about being a resource for the kids in our bunks and program areas after an especially difficult year. Our Leaders in Training are HEROES in training and are committed to making summer safe and fun!

We were visited by Lisa Rosenberg, our MESH/Camper and Staff Care Director who introduced us to the resources we have available at camp for mental health and well-being. Lisa also gave the LITs some tools and techniques for dealing with camper behavior in a constructive way as well as how to celebrate their achievements to build them up.

In addition to our leadership trainings and orientation we had a sweet surprise from Rita’s Water Ice and cooled off in the Splash Park and Camp Aaron Pool. We experienced our first two “Gesher Days” where we spend the entire day learning, bonding and playing with all of the LITs together. We look forward to spending more Gesher Days together as we have some really fun plans for them. Our LITs also got to work in their bunks and program areas this week and had a blast with their campers!

Next week we are looking forward to welcoming Lisa Rosenberg once again to run an in-depth workshop on mental health awareness and camper care.

We cannot wait to spend week 2 with our Gesher Mishpacha!

John Imhof and Sara Viniar
Gesher Directors
609 654-5192 x109