Gesher – Week 1 2017

Gesher LIT’s Get Going!
We’re having a great week with our Gesher LITs!
Our LITs have jumped right into the fun with their bunks, specialties and pools, and are feeling right at home.
Each week, our LITs will focus on a new skill, and this week we focused on the importance of first impressions. At Orientation, we learned about and role played how to give a great first impression to our campers, bunk counselors, and participated in a program about not making quick first assumptions about others before getting to know them.
This week, we also held our first two sessions of the Gesher Philanthropy Initiative (GPI). GPI is our program in which the LITs have come together to form a teen philanthropy foundation. In GPI, the LITs will learn about giving through a Jewish lens, identify what causes mean something to them and give a $3,000 grant to a charitable organization in South Jersey. In GPI-1 and -2, the LITs bonded as a community as well as learned about giving from Maimondes and needs from Dr. Maslow. The LITs worked hard ranking tzedakah and human needs and impressed all of us with their deep thinking.
On Wednesday, we had an awesome trip to the Amazing Escape Room and Diane’s Water Ice!  The LITs impressed all of us with their teamwork, problem solving skills and creativity in the rooms.  Two of our teams managed to escpae and the other three went farther than most.
On Thursday, we reflected on our first week as LITs, what we have learned and the new friendships we have made. Alexis Goldsmith said  “it was really great to come back from our trup to have my campers yelling “Alexis is back!”  It made me feel so welcome and happy to be an LIT!”
New week we will be going to the Ocean City and we will be learning about teamwork. We are very excited to be going to Ropes as well.  We can’t wait!
Barrie Glasberg Mittica
Gesher Director
609 654-5192 x109