Gesher – Week 5 – 2019


This week the LITs had a great Israel Week at camp! We have learned all about how holidays are celebrated in Israel.

Tuesday, the LITs worked to give back to their community and help families with food insecurity. The LITs worked together to make 108 jars of dried bean soup mix to donate to the Jewish Family and Children’s Services Food Pantry. The LITs measured out all of the beans, made spice packets, and labeled all the containers.

Wednesday, we traveled to Trenton to see the Trenton Thunder (minor league baseball team) play the Akron Rubberducks. We had a great time cheering on the home team and enjoyed a special ice cream treat on the way home.

On Friday, the LITs voted in their own Israeli Knesset elections with the help of Arkady Hasidovich, our community shaliach. After they elected their political parties, they then worked to form their own coalitions and Israeli government. The LITs had a great time learning about Israel’s political parties and working together.

Next week, the LITs will be working hard during Ruach week, helping with camp collections every morning. We will also be traveling to Medieval Times on Wednesday to enjoy the show and cheer on our knight.

Barrie Glasberg Mittica
Gesher Director
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