Growing Each Summer at the JCC Camps at Medford!

By JCC Camps at Medford

We love being a JCC Camps at Medford family. I grew up going to JCC Camps at Medford, so sending my kids there was an easy decision.  But, my husband never went to camp. So, we did an off season tour to show him and my girls the campgrounds, and he immediately saw what a special place it is. In fact, we weren’t initially planning on sending my younger daughter to Medford at that age until we saw how much fun she had during the visit.

My girls have enjoyed three summers as campers, starting at ages 3 and 6.  The counselors are the best, really making each camper feel special!  My girls’ confidence and independence have increased tremendously each summer at camp. (Organization skills, too, improved after many stern talks related to lost goggles and other items!). The 7 year old big sister felt so mature walking her  4 year old little sister to her bunk with the bus counselor supervising from a few steps behind.

My girls have fallen in love with new sports like gaga, taught us yoga moves and improved their swimming tremendously.  We are so happy that they are living their best lives at JCC Camps at Medford.  And, we too love going to Medford. In fact, we love taking advantage of the weekend swim club and the lake, boats and inflatables.  My girls spend all week at camp, and yet, they are then psyched to return as a family on the weekend!

~Laurie Tompkins