Hilltop Campers become scientists

By JCC Camps at Medford

Israel Week was a blast! On Tuesday, it was Israel day in Camp Hilltop.  We followed a special schedule that included activities led by our four Shlichot. We learned about the Bedouins who are the nomads of the Israeli desert and made our own pita over the fire.  They taught us about the Israeli army and we participated in marching like a soldier and competing in a special obstacle course.  We also learned about life on a Kibbutz and made special hamsas that look like hammered metal.

Our specialists also embraced the Israel theme.  In Nature we made our very own fossils and learned about the archaeological digs of Israel. Our little scientists learned about the Dead Sea and experimented with the different density between regular and salt water with a sink or float activity.  In Arts and Crafts we made Jewish stars, and Little Chefs made Hummus and cucumber salad while learning about Israeli cuisine.

Next week is Ruach Week.  Our theme is tzedakah so we will be having a coin drive. Bring in your spare change all week long. The camp that collects the most money will decide where we donate the majority of the funds!


Dina Wolf

Camp Hilltop Director


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