Hilltop Happenings

During Week 2 many memories were created. This week’s theme was durability and healing. Two heroes that exemplify these character traits are Captain Marvel and Golda Meir. In Little Science, campers created durable structures made of aluminum foil to float small items, popsicle sticks or pennies. Campers were very excited to see how many sticks or pennies could stay afloat. Superheroes tend to be able to heal quickly if they get hurt at all. When campers went to Campers Take the Stage, they danced to “Shake my Sillies Out.” The campers made a healing pose or posed like Captain Marvel when the song stopped. In Gymnastics, campers did a “warm up” and stretch like Captain Marvel to start the period. An obstacle course was created that included jumping on foam squares, walking on a balance beam, jumping on a mini trampoline and finally campers practiced a forward roll, handstands or cartwheels on the mat. What fun! Picture Day is coming up on Tuesday. Please wear your camp t-shirt and bring your smile!

Dina Wolf
Camp Hilltop Director
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