Welcome to Camp! We are so excited to be back this summer! There are many new faces and many new activities that we can’t wait to make many memories.

This summer’s camp theme is Giborim/Heroes. During Week 1, we learned about the character traits of chesed (kindness) and achrayut (responsibility) while also learning about two heroes, Spiderman and Elie Weisel. In Little Chefs, we learned that Spiderman is one of the kindest superheroes. The campers heard the book, Never Say a Mean Word Again. We made a super snack to enjoy. Using a rice cake, each camper was able to decorate with vanilla, chocolate and fresh fruit. In Usable Arts, we used blue and red paint to create firework art to celebrate our superheroes this week. In Nature, the campers heard 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World. This book shows how we can be responsible in the world around us, which includes the animals that we visit at Nature. We can’t wait to learn about more superheroes this summer! Please remember to label everything and apply sunscreen to your camper in the morning. We will not have camp on Monday, July 5th. We are looking forward to creating more memories next week!

Dina Wolf
Camp Hilltop Director
609 654-5192 x110