Hilltop Happenings – Week 3

More memories were made during Week 3! This week’s theme was determination and intellect. The heroes that exemplify these character traits are Batman/Batwoman and Albert Einstein. In Yoga, the campers heard Llamaste & Friends. Using their determination, their bodies created various yoga poses. The campers are instructed to breathe in determination and intellect and then slowly breathe out. What a great way to end the Yoga period! At Little Builders, campers were instructed to create structures with brick blocks. The campers used determination and teamwork making the structures as long or tall as possible. In Dance, the campers completed stretches like Batman or Batwoman. Using determination, the campers completed dance moves across the dance floor. In Arts & Crafts, campers decorated cloth bags with letter stamps and Batman/Batwoman logos. Using determination and intellect, the campers used letter stamps to stamp their names on their bags. We can’t wait to make more memories next week!

Dina Wolf
Camp Hilltop Director
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