Hilltop Happenings – Week 4

Hilltop Happenings


The Negev was the HOT topic this week!  The Negev Desert is one of Israel’s most unique and beautiful landscapes. The most impressive part of the Negev is the way the early pioneers of Israel turned the desert into fertile land.  Week 4 was abuzz with how we can create our own fertile agriculture here at camp.  Our specialists brought the land to life this week with some amazing activities!


In Usable Arts, Stephanie had the campers create artistic terrariums filled with moss and succulents to represent the agriculture of the Negev Desert. Our Little Scientists learned how to make things grow by examining the life cycle of a plant. They read The Forever Garden, and started their own gardens by planting parsley seeds. Our Little Chefs worked with the land by using fresh blueberries to make delicious blueberry muffins.  The fun didn’t stop there.  Camp Hilltop made the Lorax proud by working with the land at Nature, Campers Take the Stage, Usable Arts, and all the Camp Hilltop sports.


On Thursday, the campers SO EXCITED for CARNIVAL DAY!  It was a fun change from our regular schedule, and the kids loved the DJ dance party, carnival games, inflatables, and a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course!



-Wednesday 7/25  Camp Hilltop Israel Day!  Wear your blue and white!

-Monday 7/30 Camp Hilltop Skating Party at ISC

-Start prepping for Ruach Week – Find your Disney, Super Hero, Wild West, Favorite Decade clothing to join in on the spirit of Week 6!



Dina Wolf

Camp Hilltop Director


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