Hilltop Happenings – Week 7 2021

More memories were made during Week 7! This week’s theme was strength and selflessness. The heroes that exemplify these character traits are Superman/Supergirl and Hannah Senesh. In Campers Take the Stage, campers played musical instruments which included triangles, drums, boomwhackers and wooden percussion. Each camper was given an opportunity to try all of them. Using their strength, each instrument played a unique sound. Campers also played Superhero Freeze Dance. When the music stopped, each camper posed as Superman or Supergirl. In Gymnastics, campers completed an obstacle course. Using their strong bodies, they were able to jump on the trampoline for a count of 10, walk a balance beam, hop in hula hoops on the ground and forward roll on the mat. Hilltop campers are super strong! In Little Chefs, campers made s’mores popcorn. Using strong hands, campers broke apart the graham cracker and put it in the popcorn marshmallow mixture. Using their strong muscles again, the campers stirred in chocolate chips. What a sweet treat to enjoy! In Nature, campers heard A Walk in the Forest. Being at camp allows campers an opportunity to recognize that nature is all around. Campers see trees, leaves and animals. Campers also hear animals and leaves blowing in the wind. Using their strength, campers made leaf prints and some campers even identified the type of leaf. Campers also enjoyed seeing what was growing in the Israeli salad garden. Campers saw small tomatoes and peppers growing. We can’t wait to make more memories next week!

Dina Wolf
Camp Hilltop Director
609 654-5192 x110