The safety and security at our JCC as well as the JCC Camps at Medford is always a top priority. As, parents we know you are entrusting us with your most precious possession-your children- and we take this responsibility very seriously.


The JCC Camps at Medford is very fortunate to work hand in hand with the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey’s Regional Director of Security, William Monaghan, former Chief of Police for Cherry Hill.  Our Federation security team hires and trains all of the JCC Camps at Medford security guards who are current or former police officers.  We have two armed guards on site at all times during the camp day.  This team also trains all counselors and staff during staff orientation.


Awareness, preparedness and training are key elements to a safe summer. We are lucky to have a strong working relationship with our law enforcement in Medford.  JCC Camps at Medford has a comprehensive emergency management manual for various emergency scenarios, and this manual is reviewed by our security team and the Medford Police Department each year.  In addition, the Medford police have implemented protocol that each shift of officers will drive onto our campus for a security check.


We ask all of you to help us maintain a safe summer, especially when you are entering our camp site.  Below is an outline of procedures at our entrance for visitors:

  • Cars are stopped.  The greeter at the security checkpoint will direct you to park and show you where to walk to the Welcome Center.
  • The greeter has a master list of campers and staff that is referred to when the driver identifies who they are coming to camp for. This may to be to pick up a sick child, pick up a staff member leaving early, etc.
  • Guests, such as a magician, DJ etc., are vetted prior to booking and indicated on the master daily list. All guests are given a visitor tag to put on their shirt as this helps to identify that they have gone through security.
  • Car license plate numbers along with visitor name and who/what they are there for are written on a daily log.
  • Visitors are directed to park in the visitor lot, and to then proceed to the Welcome Center.  No cars are permitted to drive directly to the Welcome Center unless in need of a handicapped parking spot.
  • The guard radios to the office and announces who is checked in and who/why they are entering campus.


We must insist that all parents follow these procedures; stop at the security check point and park only in the visitor lot. Do not drive your car to the Welcome Center. Handicapped individuals and those picking up ill children will be handled separately.