Swim Program 2022


We are thrilled to announce that we will be utilizing the Red Cross Learn to Swim (LTS) program for our swim instruction this summer. All aquatics staff will be trained in the LTS curriculum, with a number of our staff holding more advanced training as certified “Water Safety Instructors.” These Water Safety Instructors will be responsible for evaluating campers to determine if they have completed a swim level. They will also be endorsing the Red Cross swim card you will receive at the end of the summer.


The Red Cross LTS program is a balanced approach to teaching swimming while learning how to be safe in the water. Instructors follow a plan to introduce new swimming and water safety skills while building on previously learned skills. Each class is loaded with fun, engaging, and challenging activities that motivate children to want to perform and learn to swim. Skills range from water confidence and floating (Level 1) to acquisition of all six strokes and endurance swimming (Level 6). Over the 8 weeks of camp, your campers will be working hard with their instructors to be water safe and refine their strokes.


During the first week of camp, campers will be evaluated and placed in one of the six LTS levels, corresponding to their skill level. Swim instruction will be provided daily, in small, leveled groups taught by our trained swim instructors and lifeguards. Campers are assigned a colored swim cap that corresponds to their swim level and is to be worn at all times at the pool. The cap system allows us to ensure campers are swimming in their designated area and maintain safety protocols. Throughout the summer, instructors will communicate with our certified Water Safety Instructors when they feel a camper is ready to be evaluated. Anytime a camper is evaluated, you will receive a swim evaluation card completed by our Water Safety Instructors. The notice will inform you if your child was promoted, and if not, what skills must be remediated before they are evaluated again.


New this year: we are going digital with our swim messengers! You will be provided log in information during the first or second week of camp to access your child’s weekly swim messenger online. This will allow you to easily track your child’s progress while eliminating the usage of paper communication. Messengers will begin at the conclusion of week two for campers in Camp Hilltop and Shalom.


We recommend you download the free “Swim by American Red Cross” app to learn more about the program, including detailed information about each level.


As always, please do not hesitate to reach out this summer with questions or concerns. The aquatics staff is looking forward to working with your camper this summer and supporting them as they progress in the pool!



Christina Grundlock
Aquatics Director